Storage and delivery

Save money this ski season.

Peer-to-peer rentals

Make money this ski season.

Forget about stuffed closets, oversized bag fees, and buyer's remorse.

Shurpa Gear takes care of your gear - providing storage, maintenance, delivery, and a way for you to earn with your skis or snowboard. 


Lower cost

No more checked bag or over-sized luggage fees - just tell us when and where you need your gear, and it'll be there.

Space saving

Unsure where to store your skis in a studio apartment? We have space for them. 


Flying with gear costs the environment thousands of pounds of CO2 emissions each year - let us do the hard work, and help out the planet.

Money making

Make your gear available for rent and make up to $400 a season. Your gear is fully insured and maintained - no stress, just cash. 



"The whole process was easy, and the gear pickup was straight-forward. Agreed on a time, and they showed up when they said they would."

— Danny Wheeler


A Shurpa Gear plan takes care of all your equipment issues when getting to and from the mountain.

No more calculating checked bag fees, or having to spring for the bigger rental car - just seamless logistics to get you more time on the slopes, with less stress.


Shurpa Gear plans also provide access to a managed peer-to-peer rental service. Replacing your gear or just looking for a way to go harder at apres ski? Shurpa Gear's solution provides a way to make some easy money from your equipment.