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Gear owners

Gear collection

Learn the different ways to get your gear to us, and choose the best option for you. 

Equipment collection within the Denver metro area and throughout the served resorts is included free with every plan.  

Getting your gear to us is easy, fast, and seamless. Choose how you'd like to get us your gear:

  1. Local gear pickup - free pickup is available in the Denver metro area or at any of our serviced resorts 

  2. Post-trip drop-offfor those traveling with their gear, make it a one-way trip - sign-up and leave them with us at one of our serviced resorts.

  3. Ship your gear use a ski / snowboard shipping service and send to our address in Lakewood, Colorado. Once your gear is with us, there's nothing more to worry about.

After sign-up, submit your gear collection preference and location via the form in the 'My Account' area of your members page.


Enrollment and use

Learn how the service works and what you can expect after sign-up and through typical use


Sign-up and select your plan

Make your plan selection and payment. Then, upload your gear details in the 'My Account' section of the site. 


Organize free gear pickup or shipping

Local pickups (to the Denver metro area or any of our served resorts) are easy and free and occur within a week of plan sign-up. If sending your gear, click here for more information. 


Need your gear? Say the word.

When you're ready to use your gear, we can deliver straight to the address of your choice. Simply go to 'My Bookings' in the Account section, select the pick-up service, and complete the details. You can also pickup from our remote facility.


Forgot something? Add extras 

Need your skis waxed or edges sharpened? Forgot to pack your pair of gloves? We'll add them to your delivery so you're ready to go, just say the word in the comments section when booking.


Drop-off with a local partner

Get your gear back to Shurpa Gear by dropping with one of our local partners - low hassle, no stress. Select your drop-off location in 'My Bookings'

Equipment protection


Check the steps we take to ensure your gear remains in great shape, and the process we have to remedy the situation if anything happens.

The Shurpa Gear Guarantee

While rented, your skis are covered by renters, ensuring any damage is immediately covered. However, you're also covered by the Shurpa Gear Guarantee that provides a guarantee for gear owners of up to $1,000, and covers loss and damage to skis during scheduled rental periods. 

Learn more about the Shurpa Gear guarantee in your 'gear-owner equipment rental agreement' or call or email. 

Between our insurance policies and strategic partnerships with some of the best ski techs out there, we can ensure that your gear is protected no matter what happens, from the lightest scratch to the worst case scenario.


Damage or loss / theft when rented 

All rentals are fully collateralized by individual renters either via credit card on file or optional additional insurance policies. If anything happens, repairs will be automatically carried out to the highest standard.

Loss or theft under Shurpa Gear's care

Our storage facilities have active security and our logistics practices keep track of your gear at every step - but provided something happens, your gear is protected to its full value. 


Renter usage terms

Learn how we manage the use of our members' gear to keep the system working for everyone. 

Use of the equipment


When renting out gear, we're sizing and fitting  to you and no one else. Allowing others to ride equipment fitted to you increases risk of equipment malfunction and is not allowed.

Skiing and snowboarding can be dangerous! Shurpa Gear renters must follow all laws, rules and regulations, and are expected to be aware of adverse conditions and weather that might affect safe use of the equipment.


Additionally - you're renting someone else's gear. As such, please make sure to take appropriate care and store your rented equipment in an enclosed area at night.

Gear condition

All of our rented equipment is guaranteed to be in excellent working condition, waxed with edges. 

Rented equipment is expected to be returned in the same condition as received, except for ordinary wear and tear and ordinary adjustments meant to fit the equipment. 

Damage to equipment

Any damage (outside of ordinary wear and tear), loss, or theft, is the full responsibility of the gear renter. If rented equipment is damaged beyond reasonable repair, replacement costs will be charged on renter's card used at time of booking. 


Gear collection and return

Where you can pick-up your Shurpa Gear rentals, and how you return. 

Gear pick-up

Gear rental fitting and pick-up takes place in our Shurpa Gear ski bus, conveniently located a 1-minute detour off of I-70, so you can stop by on your way to the mountains without losing any time. 

Additionally, multi-day rentals receive free delivery.


Gear return

Gear is to be dropped off at the pick-up point, unless optional resort drop-off has been selected. If so, gear is due to be dropped off at one of our resort partners on the due date and time specified at the time of rental. If things change and gear is dropped off late, additional charges will be incurred.


If rented equipment is not returned at the agreed date, time and location, and an extension has not been discussed with Shurpa Gear, then the replacement value of the rented equipment will be charged to the renter's card on file. We work to avoid this happening, so just keep us posted! 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Still have questions? 
Call, or email support@shurpagear.com

Gear logistics

How much notice do I have to provide to organize my gear pickup? (Gear Owners)

We ask that you provide us with 3 days notice to ensure we can organize replacements rentals for a renter if your skis or snowboard were slated for rental. However, 24 hours is generally enough to get your gear where it needs to be.

Where do I pickup and drop-off my equipment? (Gear Owners)

We'll send your gear directly to the address of your choice in the Front Range - this can be selected in your 'My Bookings' . To drop-off your gear, you can leave it with one of our local partners (all in close distance to the slopes) and we'll swoop in and take it from there. Alternatively, you can pick-up and drop-off your gear at the Dino Lots off of I70 near Golden.

How do I get my gear back when I want to ski or snowboard? (Gear Owners)

Simply head to the 'My Account' area and select 'Bookings'. From here, it's easy to provide all the needed information to get your gear to you without issue.

How do I collect my equipment? (Renters)

We make this part as easy as possible! Delivery to your address - when checking out, you can select optional delivery. We'll bring your equipment to your address, fit you, and help you avoid crowded stores and long lines. Pickup - you can also pickup your equipment from our facility at the Dino Lots off of I70 near Golden. A super convenient spot, just a 1-minute detour from the highway to some of Colorado's best ski resorts.

Peer-to-peer rentals

I'm renting out my gear - what if it gets damaged?

Any damage to your gear will be fully covered, with professional repairs or full gear replacement. Additionally, after renting and prior to using your gear, our staff will inspect your edges and wax to ensure your skis are in great shape for you.

How much can I earn through renting my gear?

This is dependent on the quality of your gear and how 'average' your sizing is - very small or very large skis, for example, are rented less often than more 'medium' options. However, with 35% of revenues going to gear owners and high utilization, owners could earn up to $400 a season.

Why should I rent my gear with Shurpa Gear and not one of the other guys?

Shurpa Gear provides the only true managed peer-to-peer rental product. Once your equipment is in our hands and your blackout dates have been selected, there's nothing more to do on your part. No coordinating meeting spots or pickup times - just collecting your checks as your gear is rented.

Do my skis or snowboard qualify?

Equipment needs to be less than five years old to be rented with Shurpa Gear. For skis, we require alpine bindings in order to accomodate our rental boot stock.

Can I rent just some of my gear?

Absolutely. Rent just your skis/snowboard, or your skis/snowboard and boots.

Do I have to pay to have my gear rented out?

No. The 'Rentals' plan comes at no cost to you throughout the season.