Struggling to store and travel with your gear?

We can help.

Sign-up and send us your gear, or we'll come pick it up at your convenience

We store your equipment in our fully-insured and secure storage facility 

Tell us when and where you want it and we'll get your gear to you, no hassle guaranteed.


The challenges of traveling with your skis are a thing of the past. 

We store your gear at our facility in central Colorado until you're ready to hit the slopes. When you are, simply let us know where and we'll deliver to the address of your choice. 

Gear owners can save over $300 per year in transportation fees alone.


Use your gear and rent on your off days.

Fully-insured, zero-effort, peer-to-peer rentals mean 

your skis are putting money in your pocket instead of sitting in the closet.

Shurpa Gear offers the chance to recoup the cost of gear through higher utilization, meaning that owners can enjoy their own gear with no impact in performance, and upgrade to new gear much more quickly or pocket some extra cash