Rent premium equipment and support fellow enthusiasts

Shurpa Gear offers peer-to-peer renting - rather than renting from one of the big guys, rent from a fellow enthusiast and help others like you get more out of the sport they love. We offer a range of equipment to suit your needs, with convenient pick-up and fitting, at a lower price.

More affordable

Save money relative to traditional ski or snowboard rental. 

Right for you

Our inventory includes everything from the highest end to the most basic gear. 


Simple, with local pickup options and easy slope-side drop-off locations. 

How it works

Enter your rental details and skier information - we confirm inventory availability within 24 hours

On your day of pick-up, swing by our mobile facility to pick-up your gear and have it professionally fit

Enjoy yourself on the slopes! Issues with your gear? Let us know and we'll direct you to a local partner that can handle all your isses

When your trip is over, you can return your gear to our mobile facility or drop-off with one of our local slope-side partners