Plug in your numbers. See what Shurpa Gear can do for you.

The earnings calculator will show you what your skis could earn you based on their age and your skiing habits - try it out. 

Most skiers and snowboarders use their skis just 8-10 days a year; with expected lifetimes of 120 days, gear owners will see their gear become technologically obsolete before they wear it out.


Recoup the cost of your gear through higher utilization and see how we predict your earnings, below. 

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How'd we come up with your earnings?


Shurpa Gear plan holders that opt-in to peer-to-peer renting retain 50% of the revenue their gear makes

Season length

The ski season is generally a guaranteed 120 days - Loveland Ski Resort guarantees 130! 


Skis can be rented with Shurpa Gear frequently - here, we assume 20% of days you're not skiing

Revenue per day

Ski rates depend on quality and time of year - we assume a conservative $40/day