Peer-to-peer rentals

The benefits of renting and how we take care of your skis or snowboard.

Most skiers and snowboarders use their equipment just 8-10 days a year; with expected lifetimes of 120 days, gear owners will see their gear become technologically obsolete before it's worn out.

With Shurpa Gear, recoup the cost of your gear through higher utilization and enjoy it at lower cost with no impact on performance. 


Make the most of your gear, and upgrade to new gear more quickly or pocket some extra cash.


How does it work? 

Learn all you need to about the peer-to-peer rental program, below. 

Sign-up and plan enrollment

Just sign-up, and enroll in your plan. In the 'My Account' section of your member area, you'll be able to enter your gear details and choose how you'd like to get us your equipment.

Selecting your gear for rent

Don't mind renting your skis but would rather no one used your boots? We thoroughly sanitize all gear after use, but we understand. You can elect to enter only your skis/snowboard or your skis/snowboard and boots. For more info on partial sharing, click here.   

Post-rental procedure

Post-rental, your skis or snowboard are inspected to ensure they're still in tip-top shape. If not, we'll take all the right steps to make sure everything is good to go when you're ready to ride.

Gear owner payment

Plan owners elect to receive payment via Venmo or PayPal in the 'My Account' page of their member section. Payments are made each month with invoices detailing the money earned. 

What if something happens to my gear?

Strategic partnerships help us make sure your equipment is taken care of and that we maintain it's protection, performance - and your trust.


Shurpa Gear guarantee 

We guarantee that your gear is protected. Between our full renter collateralization and insurance policies, your gear will be repaired or replaced whenever something goes wrong. 

This includes coverage for damage or loss / theft when rented as well as loss or theft under Shurpa Gear's care. 


Our storage facilities have active security and our logistics practices keep track of your gear at every step - but provided something happens, your gear is protected to its full value. 

With our insurance policies and strategic partnerships with some of the best ski techs out there, we can ensure that your gear is protected no matter what happens, from the lightest scratch to the worst case scenario.