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Gear management

How much notice do I have to provide to organize my gear pickup?

If you've purchase a 'Storage and Rentals' plan, we ask that you provide us with 2-weeks of notice to ensure we can organize replacements rentals if yours were claimed. For those simply using the gear management service, we need just 4 days notice to get your gear to one of the resorts or addresses in our service area.

Where do I pickup and drop-off my gear?

We'll send your gear directly to the address of your choice, in any one of our serviced resort areas. To drop-off your gear, you can leave it with one of our local partners (all in close distance to the slopes) and we'll swoop in and take it from there.

How do I get my gear back when I want to ski or snowboard?

Simply head to the 'My Account' area and select 'Bookings'. From here, it's easy to provide all the needed information to get your gear to you without issue.

Peer-to-peer rentals

I'm renting out my gear - what if it gets damaged?

Any damage to your gear will be fully covered, with professional repairs or full gear replacement. Additionally, after renting and prior to using your gear, our staff will inspect your edges and wax to ensure your skis are in great shape for you.

How much can I earn through renting my gear?

This is dependent on the quality of your gear and how 'average' your sizing is - very small or very large skis, for example, are rented less often than more 'medium' options. However, with 50% of revenues going to gear owners, owners can make upwards of $400 a season.

Why should I rent my gear with Shurpa Gear and not one of the other guys?

Shurpa Gear provides the only true managed peer-to-peer rental product. Once your equipment is in our hands and your blackout dates have been selected, there's nothing more to do on your part. No coordinating meeting spots or pickup times - just collecting your checks as your gear is rented.

Does my gear qualify?

Equipment needs to be less than five years old to be rented with Shurpa Gear. For skis, we require alpine bindings in order to accomodate our rental boot stock.

Can I rent just some of my gear?

Absolutely. Rent just your skis, your skis and boots, or the trifecta - skis, boots, and helmet. Whatever you don't provide, we will.

Do I have to pay to have my gear rented out?

No. The 'Storage and Rentals' plan comes at no cost to you throughout the season, with the $1 activation fee returned in the first rental pay-out.