How often should I tune my skis?

For most people renting, it might be easy to assume that skis are skis, right? Get a solid brand, a newer ski, and you’re all set.

Getting onto a quality ski is important, but the condition of your gear is critical. Lots of rental shops out there can get lax on their maintenance schedules - whether through poor tracking or too much focus on their margin.

Our guy on the left? Neglected his tuning schedule.

So your rentals aren’t tuned - what’s the big deal?

Skiing on un-tuned skis is harder - harder physically, and harder technically.

As your skis are worn through regular use, the edge is gradually worn away. Tuning replaces this edge, much like on ice skates, so that you can continue to carve and grab the snow. If a tuning doesn’t happen you’re forced to compensate with strength, leaning in harder and pressuring your edges more.

Doing this all day means you’re putting more stress on your body, working harder, and likely getting fewer runs in through the day before your legs turn to jelly. Play this out through the course of a 3-4 day ski trip and it can mean the difference between the last day being great or a chore.

Well-waxed skis also reduce effort as you can glide rather than pole through flatter sections of a run. If you’re looking for speed or just a less labor-intensive session, it’s important to make sure your skis or snowboard are waxed!

Less edge, less control.

For newer skiers, having less of an edge means having less control, especially on hard packed snow and ice. Tuned sharp edges will plant your skis on the mountain and give a more uniform hold across the entire ski, lowering your chances of slipping out.

A tune and wax also means more glide and even performance of your ski across all types of terrain, making sure that your equipment is responding as you’d expect.

With more consistent performance and less-taxing skiing or snowboarding, tuned gear can be the difference between a perfect day on the slopes and one that ends in injury.

So how can I make sure my gear is in prime condition?

For more experienced skiers, it’s recommended that your skis or snowboard are evaluated and tuned - edges checked and sharpened if necessary, wax applied - every 4-6 days on the mountain.

Through Shurpa Gear’s partnership with Bo

one Mountain Sports, we’re able to guarantee that skis are tuned on this schedule by the best in the business. Using a state-of-the-art Wintersteiger Mercury, the pros at Boone can provide surface flattening with a linear structure overlaid with a custom finish structure and any base and side-edge bevel cut, polished with dual ceramic discs. Check out their process here.

When you rent with Shurpa Gear, you have one less worry - your gear will perform as expected and make sure you have your best day on the mountain.

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