Peer-to-peer rental - is it worth it?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

We totally understand - a ski or snowboard set-up is no small investment, and great days on the mountain build a sentimental attachment to your gear.

However, the reality of the situation is that you’re likely not skiing or snowboarding enough to really make the most of your equipment. “How could that be the case??” - we’re glad you asked.

Skis and snowboards are durable!

It’s widely agreed that your skis or snowboard, barring unforeseen damage (we’ll get to that later), will last roughly 120 days on the mountain before a material change in performance happens. Another way to look at that? The average skier could use his or her skis for 10 seasons (a decade!) before they’re worn out.

The problem with this? In ten years, your skis are going to be relics. The ski industry innovates and progresses at an incredible rate, and the skis of today are more versatile, more enjoyable to ride, and better looking than those of a decade ago. So, if you want to make the most of your purchase, but don’t see yourself getting out 25+ days per season, what can you do?

Most people's skis if the ran them until they were worn out - vintage, but not a great skiing experience!

Getting your money’s worth means increasing the utilization of your gear.

You could share skis (and the cost) with a friend or family member. Appealing, but what happens when you both want to ski the same day or want to ski together?

What about renting out your gear on your own? Some rental platforms exist to pair you and potential renters, but place the full burden of meeting up, sizing, and pick-up / drop-off on you, the gear owner. A nice idea, but in practice, the $15-$20 a day you’d make (given the low prices on these platforms) makes the effort rarely worth it.

What about a rental platform that ensured you had use of your own gear when you wanted it, AND took care of all the hassle in pairing people with your gear, sizing them up, maintaining your equipment, and handling complaints? Enter Shurpa Gear. Shurpa Gear offers those that use their gear (any amount per season) the ability to also rent it out with no hassle. With credibility, strong partnerships, guarantees, and a marketing budget behind us, we can ensure increased utilization of your gear at higher daily rates.

Damage to skis and snowboards - what to do about it.

If you’re out there pushing the limits, things are going to happen - it’s not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’. There’s a range of damage that can happen though, and it’s important to learn what to actually be concerned about and what needs your attention and a fix.

We get it… it hurts to see you previously pristine base get scratched up. But, rest a little easier knowing that the vast majority of scrapes on your skis or snowboard do nothing to impact performance, and can be fully undone with some PTEX and a fresh coat of wax.

What about a core shot? These are the only sort of scrapes and gouges that we need to be truly worried about. However, according to high volume ski shops, this sort of damage is pretty rare among daily rentals. Additionally, they can be repaired, and if not your gear is covered. Shurpa Gear members have full gear coverage, with a guarantee to repair your equipment to the same level of performance or replace it entirely, at no cost to the gear owner.

So what’s the takeaway?

To really take advantage of your investment, you need to spend more days on your skis or snowboard. If you’re not doing it yourself, check out Shurpa Gear. Members can:

  • Earn up to $400 per season - subsidize new gear, your lift ticket, or just your apres ski

  • Keep using their gear while renting it, with convenient pickup or delivery options

  • Rest easy knowing their gear is fully insured and that repairs are handled by experts at Boone Mountain Sports

New Shurpa Gear member (^^) realizing the benefits of the free program

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