Rental pickup and return

Rental pickup options

Shurpa Gear offers multiple gear pickup and drop-off options - read below to understand how they work and what'll work best for you. 

Standard pickup and drop-off

  • Included with all rentals at no extra cost

  • Conveniently located on the way to mountains just off of I-70

The Shurpa Gear van is at the Dino lots for rental pickup and drop-off, from 7am-10am and 4pm-8pm. Pick-up your gear with a 0 minute detour, and continue west on I-70 to some of Colorado's best ski resorts. 



  • For rental orders in excess of $200

  • An extra delivery fee is applied to your rental

  • All delivery orders include local partner drop-off

Gear delivery can be selected on your rental form - simply choose 'Dropoff at Different Address' and enter your address, and select the day prior to your rental start date as your delivery date. We will deliver your gear between 10am and 4pm. 

Gear will be picked up at your address, or can be dropped at a local resort partner where possible. 

Resort partner drop-off

  • Available as option for standard pickup customers

  • Included for those selecting Delivery

Drop-off with a local resort partner means that once you're done skiing you don't have to worry about traveling back with your equipment. Simply drop it with one of our partners and you're all set.


Standard pickup customers can add this option in the rental form under the 'Sale' section.