Better gear, the same price -

the best value ski rentals in the Front Range

Shurpa Gear offers convenience and quality at a great price. Our rental inventory consists of some of the best gear because we don't buy rental stock, we source from actual skiers and snowboarders. This also means that when you rent with us, some of the proceeds help others like you get more out of the sport they love. 


We offer a range of equipment to suit your needs, with convenient pick-up and fitting, at a lower price (skis from $28/day) - and all gear is professionally maintained and checked by Boone Mountain Sports, ensuring you have the best possible skiing or snowboarding experience.

More affordable

Save money relative to traditional ski or snowboard rental. 

Right for you

Our inventory includes everything from the highest end to the most basic gear. 


Simple, with local pickup options, easy slope-side drop-off locations, and at-home delivery.

Ski rental - how it works

Reserve your gear through our rental form - be sure to check out sale items and après ski supplies

Those in the Front Range can choose gear delivery, others can swing by our facility to pick-up their equipment

Enjoy yourself on the slopes! Issues with your gear? Let us know and we'll direct you to a local partner that can handle all your isses

When your trip is over, you can return your gear to our mobile facility or drop-off with one of our local slope-side partners - more info here

Sick of renting blown-out gear?

It's happened to all of us - you pick up your rental skis or snowboard, start your run, and realize with a wave of terror that you have no edges. Fear not - all gear in the Shurpa Gear program is reviewed and tuned regularly, with a tune happening at least as frequently as every 5th use.


This way, you can rest assured that you'll be ready to shred.

The only downside? No more excuses!

Shurpa Gear - powered by Boone Mountain Sports

Boone Mountain Sports is one of Colorado's premier ski tuning facilities and has the equipment to back it up. 

Their motto - not all tunes are created equalWe agree, which is why we've partnered with the best. Gear coming out of the Boone Mountain shop is guaranteed to shred, so you can make the most of your time on the slopes. 

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